Sod Installation Jacksonville FL

We are a locally owned and locally operated sod installation company based in Jacksonville, Florida. Having spent many years in the sod industry in Jacksonville, we know our onions about how to install but more importantly, we know our onions about installing sod in Jacksonville, St Augustine and the surrounding area, fl.

We have undertaken and completed many sod installation projects in Florida State generally, but in Jacksonville specifically. Our track record speaks volumes about our professionalism, expertise and ingenuity. We are a sod Jacksonville Fl company.



Some of our services include the following:

  • Many Types of Sod Available 
  • Sod Installation
  • Residential & Commercial Services
  • Sod Removal
  • Sod Replacement
  • Both Small & Large Jobs
  • Sod Repair or Patching

To start your sod installation process, kindly send us an email or call us on the contact details provided below and we will provide free estimates on all of our work

Why Choose Us?

There are many sod installation companies in Jacksonville, Florida but we stand out above the rest. Below are some of the reasons that customers opt for our services. 


Professional Services

We are professional and the best to the core. Everybody in our team from the customer service officers to our engineers has been trained specifically on how to do business the Jacksonville way which we believe should be courteous, polite and helpful. We help in the installation of different types of sods like st augustine, zoysia sod bermuda grass sod and many more. If you want a company that will do the job for you with a professional attitude, then we are the company of choice. 


Fast Response Times

We believe in speed laced with efficiency. Our team of professionals will help you move things along very swiftly from the minute you make the first enquiry about our services to the point where we start offering you our helpful after-sales services. We believe that we must endeavor to help our customers with their needs as soon as possible. 

Sod Installation Services in Jacksonville, FL

High Customer Satisfaction

Another reason why our highly valued customers have opted for our services is that is because we are deeply obsessed with high customer satisfaction. We believe that our customers are the reason why we are in business, and we believe that they should be treated like royalty. We install sod over prepared soil or perform full new sod replacement.


With a solid customer support framework that we adopt from the beginning of our relationship together to our after-sales service where we check on you periodically to see if you are getting value from our services, we have created a service plan that makes sure that our customers are guaranteed a good service.


Deep level of expertise

Like we already noted, we are very experienced in the installation of new sod in the Jacksonville area so we know our onions. Our staff members all have a huge wealth of experience in sod installation and they have also been trained on our in-house processes meaning that they are well equipped with the knowledge to help you do any kind of sod installation regardless of any on-the-job challenges that they might encounter.

We understand how the needs of grass change from season to season. Fertilization is important to a new lawn no matter what kind of sod you decide to install, fertilizer specifically designed to help your lawn establish a sustainable root system. Your new lawn is working hard enough to establish roots. Applying a granular fertilizer will make your new grass work unnecessarily overtime trying to process the nutrients. 

We pride ourselves as a proper Jacksonville sod company and our way is also innovating and being at the forefront of technology. We imbibe this belief in the way we do our work–using enduring world standard practices while also innovating and providing a roadmap for the market.

Sod installation Jacksonville FL