Landscape Design Jacksonville Fl

Are you ready to take your property’s landscape from an ordinary environment to an extraordinary beauty that you will love to come back to every day? Tom’s Landscape design is the best bet for you. We are a team of extraordinary design specialists, landscape professionals and environmental scientists that have come together to build the most amazing landscape designs for clients.


With our years of experience in the industry and our comparatively superior technical know-how, we pride ourselves as the most resourceful and the most trustworthy landscape design company in Jacksonville, Florida.


Our team of designers are as gifted as they are helpful, and we are in this business for a purpose- we believe that beautiful landscapes are the best foundations for starting a good day. Get in touch with us today for all your landscape design needs. We will go above and beyond to engender both customer satisfaction and to meet our customers’ landscaping needs.


We are experts at landscape design project management, budgeting and cost estimation services, custom garden design, scheduling, installation and oversight of landscapes. More importantly, we continue to offer client support to our customers after installation and designs to make sure that they continue to enjoy their astonishing landscapes long after they patronise us.

Since its inception, Tom’s Landscape has been building, designing,  and maintaining low impact and low maintenance landscapes in Jacksonville, Florida and beyond. From the ideation stage to the creation and completion stage, we provide top of the shelf services that are guaranteed to deliver the results of landscape spaces that are stylish, durable and healthy.

Landscape Design Services in Jacksonville, FL

We are at the forefront of the landscape design industry in Jacksonville, Florida. We have the necessary expertise to help you design the landscape of your dreams on your property.

Landscape Construction

We pride ourselves as a one-stop-shop for all things landscape design construction. We combine the old-guard of craftsmanship with innovative technology to help you build the most amazing and scenic landscapes. For us, landscape construction is about understanding customers’ needs and delivering on our promise of innovation.

Plant Installation

Do you own a finished space that needs just a bit of sprucing? We can help you! At Tom’s Landscape, we have the necessary expertise to help you add greenery to your finished spaces. Contact us today for plant installations on your property.

Irrigation Systems

You need an automated irrigation system to help you bring watering to your urban garden. At Tom’s Landscape, we are experts at irrigation systems installations and maintenance. We ensure that our irrigation systems are well fitted with your grand plan for your landscape, and most of all make sure that they are automated!


Outdoor Lighting

We set up and install all kinds of outdoor lighting to help bring a scenic view to your property’s landscape when the day goes dark.

Other include;

We are Jacksonville’s landscapers of choice because we are efficient, helpful, go-getters, very experienced in the local terrain, and most of all, we serve our customers with the utmost attention given to customer support and customer care. Get in contact with us today.

Landscape Design Jacksonville Fl